The Secret to Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a very fast paced evolving environment. Keeping up with the trends however is not that difficult. You must have the proper tool set to do so. What are the correct tools to have?  First you must have the understanding of your mobile market. Most  businesses have customers who use their mobile devices multiple times each day to search for specific information.  If you do not have a mobile presence you are losing out on those customers and on new customers.

mobile-commerce-2“By December 2012, comScore found that nearly 86 million people searched for information on local businesses via mobile, a 25% increase over an eight-month period. More than half of these mobile local searchers said they researched on the devices because they were on the go and needed immediate information.”

The tools of mobile marketing include, first a well designed mobile website, second a mobile app with the functionality to interact with your customers, third a text messaging system, fourth easy customer access functions in your mobile website and app, fifth email marketing designed for mobile devices.  You must implement a mobile marketing plan taking advantage of the tools you currently have the a plan to implement the tools you do not have.

The secret to mobile marketing is start with what you have and move to take advantage of the additional tools available.  For help in implementing and on the tools or for a free mobile consultation you can call Impact Mobile Apps and someone will be happy to assist you.

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