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Small business using mobile appsThe benefits to local business of mobile apps are well documented. As a matter of fact, a study by the University of Indiana Telecommunications Department indicates that businesses who have utilized mobile applications have received a significant increase in the number of new customers, even those who may not have known of, or would have otherwise used, the business service before. This means that regardless of the size of the company, several advantages may still be offered.

Customer Diversity

One of the issues cited in this study pertained directly to the diversity of the populations of customers. Mobile apps are more likely to reach intended and unintended targets. In addition to catching the attention of a particular audience, businesses using mobile apps are enhancing their presence among a broader customer spectrum which directly increases the potential for wider brand recognition. Mobile apps for local business have proven effective in overcoming the barriers associated with more traditional advertising methods.

Encouraging Usage

According to the University of Indiana, the business benefits of mobile apps are directly related to usage and there are various ways to increase this. This can include offering free apps and making the applications as interactive and user friendly as possible. These two simple measures have proven to not only to increase the number of individuals who use the applications but to attract a new customer base as well, all of which results in proportional increases to bottom-line consumer support.

Other Important Considerations

There are a variety of different mobile app features that a local business can use to its advantage. The key lies in using such technological products in a way that is productive. The studies and statistics alone are a great reflection of the potential that mobile applications can hold. Many local companies are beginning to offer increased functionality and accessibility to their customers by utilizing the multiple interactive features of mobile apps. Local businesses who rely on loyal customers and social support will find that marketing through mobile apps is a powerful complement to traditional marketing efforts.

The first question many business owners ask . . .

“What is a mobile app?”

. . . needs to be answered to understand why a business would want or need a mobile app.

A mobile app is software designed to take advantage of the native functionality of mobile devices, while providing content significant to a potential customer.  A mobile app is similar to a website in its overall design; however a mobile website is a conversion of a typical website forcing it to fit on a mobile platform. A mobile website cannot take advantage of all the functionality of a mobile device and is generally cumbersome in its access and use.

A mobile app allows small businesses to interact with customers/clients and provide non-threatening two-way communication of information such as specials, coupons, limited offers and other ideas.  This gives a business owner the power to control their market offerings in real time. For example,  a business might decide to run a special for one hour during the day and be able to communicate this offering to their customers immediately.

A company’s mobile app can use gadgets and special tabs to create a positive, fun interaction with customers thereby keeping their business “top of mind.”  A business app using functionality in this way builds customer loyalty.  Making your business accessible to customers is a key factor in repeat business.

Mobile apps and push notifications are a great way to communicate offers, specials, events, and more, to your customers. Push notifications are a very powerful tool a business can use to communicate in real time with customers. These notifications should be used with wisdom so a customer does not feel inundated with useless information and offers they are not interested in.

The next question many business owners are asking . . .

“Why does my business need a mobile app?”

. . . the coming of mobile marketing is in its early stages and is a new interactive approach to marketing.  This is a way to create a relationship with your customers and also see immediate results.  Having a method to see results and change the message immediately when necessary provides much more control and flexibility in marketing.  A business no longer needs to purchase expensive advertising hoping it will work, rather, you can try mobile marketing and find what works in real time, without having to wait to try something different next time.

Now, with a basic understanding of what a mobile app is and what it does, you can see for yourself the value a mobile app can create for a business in the 21st century. In addition, trends show that the mobile app market is just beginning and will explode within the next eighteen months.

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Quin Denning
Impact Mobile Apps

Much is being said and written about the importance of mobile marketing. Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

If you’re in business and are concerned about marketing, check this out . . .

I recently read an informative article on the subject by Jeanne Hopkins (Hubspot Blog). She recently attended the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco and reports these facts:

  • iPhones have been adopted by the market 10x faster than America Online (source: Nielson).
  • If an individual loses his wallet, on average, it takes 26 hours for the incident to be reported. Lost phones are reported in 68 minutes (source: Unisys).
  • Average response time for an email is 90 minutes but only 90 seconds for the average response time to a text (source:
  • Mobile Marketer reports that consumers take action within one hour for 70% of mobile searches.
  • Morgan Stanley reports that 90% of US residents keep their mobile devices within reach 24 hours a day.

Just look around. Mobile is here to stay. It’s where your customers go for information.

If you don’t have a mobile app for your local business you are missing out. What are you missing out on? Probably the fastest growing communications market we have ever seen. There are currently billions of mobile phones in use, and over one billion of those are Internet capable smart phones. That’s a market local business owners can’t afford to ignore. Even more importantly, mobile device usage and mobile app usage is spreading like wildfire. It is estimated that by the year 2014 more people will be accessing the Internet via mobile device than desktop or laptop computer. Today’s busy lifestyle keeps getting busier and busier. Internet users are quickly falling in love with the convenience of being able to take the net with them.

People are not only talking, texting and watching movies. They are surfing, working, and shopping on their mobile devices. In fact, they are shopping with greater frequency than you probably ever imagined.  According to Michael J. Becker, of the Mobile Marketing Association, retail sales made this year are expected to reach nearly $120 billion. That number is only accounting for direct sales. An additional $153 billion to $230 billion are expected to be influenced by information or advertisements on mobile devices. In fact, many consumers say they like the advertisements on their mobile phone, especially those including QR (Quick Response) coupons and discount codes.

Every day, more people are logging on through a handheld device, loading a mobile app and spending money. Shopping appears to be one of the fastest growing activities for mobile phone users. In the 2011 shopping season, approximately 11 % of all retail sales were completed using a mobile devise according to the respected IBM Benchmark Report, a detailed analysis of more than 500 major retailers. The numbers for the 2010 were exactly half that. With sales doubling in a single season, and growing faster every day, the potential of the mobile app market is virtually unlimited.