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Fact: Your Customers are using their mobile devices while on the go to find businesses they are interested in.

Fact: 91% of the US have their mobile devices with them 24 hours per day.

Fact: Over 250 million people in the US have mobile devices and use them every day.

Fact: If you do not have a mobile presence you are losing business.


Q: Why should I look at a mobile marketing solution for my business?

A: With mobile internet searches overtaking desktop searches more and more consumers are using their mobile devices to access the internet. A lot of searches are taking place while the consumer is on the go. This fast paced society has reached another level where they can find information while on the go, more and more are taking advantage of this method of searching. As more and more consumers move to smart phones this will only become a bigger market. To not look a a mobile marketing solution for your business is cutting out half of your market.

Q: What are the steps I should follow to create a mobile marketing campaign?

A: The first step is deciding to create a mobile marketing solution.  After you have decided to create a solution it is a great Idea to find someone to help you create the tools you need to market to the mobile crowd. There are two main tools necessary to begin; they are a mobile website and a mobile app.  The mobile website can help your customers find you. It is a good idea to keep this as simple as you can. A mobile app can help you to retain your customers. Your app will need to have some features that will keep your customers interest and attention. This can be done through specials, coupons, and information.



A “Push Notification” is like an instant message sent to everyone who may have your app. It is a way to notify your customers about real time events and promotions.

When you can use a push notification to reach your customers there are many benefits.

* Pushes don’t cost like a text message does.

* The recipients are your customers and they want to receive info pertaining to your business.

* You can post an event or promotion in real time beginning now or at a future time and date and continuing for x minutes or hours or days.

* You can see immediate responses to your notices and thereby gauge what works and does not work.

Having this kind of power at your fingertips allows you to change immediately when something is not working, without a continued loss of time and money.

May your day be prosperous!

1. The iPhone data base has exploded and has more than 700,000 applications. Google Play has over 675,000 applications.

2. Apple iPhone has more than 30 billion downloads, and Google Play has over 25 billion downloads.

3. The growth of smart phones is staggering. It is expected to surpase 1.4 billion by the end of the year. 798 million Android Phones and 294 million Apple Phones and 45 million Windows Phones, this is according to a recent study from ABI Research.

4. More and more people are buying smart phones. In December of 2012 45% of all cell phones were smart phones this is up 10% from the previous year. There are over 320 billion mobile phone subscribers in the US, and over 144 billion smart phone users.

It is time to mobilize your business. Call us and we can help.



If you have not considered a mobile marketing campaign, now would be a good time to implement one. The mobile market will surpass the desktop market in internet searches this year. This is a large market that is available to you.

There are a list of tools you need to have in your mobile tool belt to be effective in this market. A good mobile website designed with an effective MSEO should be one of the first tools in your belt. The mobile website should be simple and able to provide easy access to phone, email and location. The second tool you should use is a mobile app. Mobile apps are designed to build a relationship with your customer/client. This is done through an interactive process and can be as different as each company. Using the capabilities of a mobile device can enhance your customers experience with your business. We provide a free mobile presence analysis for businesses. To take advantage of this you may email us from our website and request a mobile analysis.

There are several reasons to build a mobile app. Retaining your customers by keeping your name on their mobile devices is 0ne of the best reasons to build a mobile app.  Mobile apps provide several unique ways to keep your name in front of your customers.  In as much as content is extremely important, using your mobile app to communicate real-time specials that can last 1-2 hours becomes a very valuable tool when times may be slow.  Creating two-way communication activities such as photo games and appointment requests helps your customers keep coming to you instead or your competitors. This is one of the best reasons for a small business mobile app!

Mobile websites are a necessary tool to help customers find your business. Following the current trend this year there will be more internet searches on mobile devices than desktop computers.  This means your business needs a good mobile website to provide instant access to your customers on the go. Mobile websites need to have minimal content while providing easy access to your business.

Design a mobile website as a tool to find new customers.

After you have a customer you can retain that customer through a good mobile app design.  When I design mobile apps I always want to compliment an app with a mobile website, because of the search potential a mobile website offers to customers.


When making decisions I have found a it to be a great help to ask myself am I making this decision because I am in a state of fear. If I am unsure here are several more questions I have found to help me define my state of being. 1. Is my thinking pertaining to this decision in the positive or negative. Such as will something good or great occur if I make this decision or will something bad or negative happen if I don’t make this decision. 2. Am I looking forward to increasing my business by making this decision or am I looking to just survive. 3. By making this decision will I be creating more or Will there be less if I don’t make this decision. 4. Will this decision help me, my employees, and my customers have a better experience, or do I feel pressured to make this decision to keep them.

When we find the state of our selves we can assess the situation and even if we make the same decision if it is made in a positive faith based environment there is a different energy associated with it that will permeate our entire business culture. May all your decisions have the power to lift and create.